Sugar Twin Recipes

Recipes with Sugar Twin®

Join us in a cooking adventure as Sugar Twin® embarks on a journey to bring the most delicious sugar-like taste to your cooking. Our recipe page is filled with a multitude of flavors that make cooking fun.  Adding Sugar Twin® to your cooking sweetens up any dish.

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    • Chocolate Cake

      Birthday Cake

      Great for an celebrations

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    • 18-Carrot Cake Pinapple Muffins

      Carrot Cake Pineapple Muffins

      Carrot cake in a muffin!

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    • 17-Canoli Cream

      Cannoli Cream

      Great filling for cannoli’s or any accompaniment to any dessert

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    • 16-Oven Roasted Chicken

      Oven Roasted Chicken

      A sweet take on chicken dinner.

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    • balsamic vinegar

      Balsamic Salad Dressing

      Balsamic dressing with berry infusion

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    • Refreshing Smoothies

      Assorted Berry Smoothie

      Healthy and wholesome, this smoothie is sure to revitalize and satisfy your fruit cravings!

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    • Banana milk smoothie

      Shake, Banana Foster

      Banana Foster like you’ve never had it before!

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    • 12-Old Fashioned Banana Bread

      Old Fashioned Banana Bread

      Banana bread at its finest!

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    • Banana Bread 2

      Banana Bread

      Fruity banana bread that everyone will love!

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    • 10-Apple Cinnamon Bake

      Apple Cinnamon Bake

      An apple cinnamon baked dish that’s oh so good!

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    • Pumpkin Pie with Whipped Cream

      Pumpkin Pie

      Pumpkin pie a la SugarTwin®

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    • 8-Peanut Dippig Sauce

      Peanut Sauce Topping

      Great peanut sauce for Thai food, veggies or any occasion

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